Coating pans

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  1. Stainless steel - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  2. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  3. Pellegrini SPGR-300 - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  4. Manesty XL-014 - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  5. Walter Brucks Type 8 - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  6. Walter Brucks XI - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  7. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  8. Walter Brucks 11 G - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  9. Walter Brucks XI - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  10. Walter Brucks XG - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  11. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  12. Jorgen Jorgensen - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  13. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  14. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  15. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  16. Walter Brucks - Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  17. Coating pan
    in stock, NL
  18. Coating pan
    in stock, NL

What are coating pans?

Coating pans are rotating pots in which lenticular or spherical products are coated and wrapped to form dragees. During the coating, the product forms a rolling particle layer in the lower part of the rotating bowl, which is wetted from time to time and dried by an injected hot air stream. The coating liquid is introduced by spraying or by manual pouring. When coating with molten substances, they are solidified by cooling.

Which materials can be coated?

Typical materials that can be coated through the use of our used coating pans are; sugar solutions, caramelized sugar solutions (burnt almonds), melted chocolate, melted waxes and fats.

For what type of applications are our used coating pans used?

We offer a wide range of used coating pans that can be used in different industries. So examples of what our coating pans can be used for are:

Pharmaceutical Industry

In this industry coating pans are typically used for the:

  • Protection of the active substance
  • Improvement of swallow ability
  • Taste masking
  • Gastric juice resistance to delayed release of active ingredient (controlled release / retarded release)
  • Colouring

Food and confectionery industry

In these industries coating pans can be used for:

  • Cracks while biting (sugar coating)
  • Protect against sticking together by coating with wax
  • To protect against hand melting by coating with sugar
  • Colouring

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