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  1. Westfalia CA 505-00-32 - Decanter
    Westfalia CA 505-00-32 - Decanter
    in stock
  2. Westfalia CA 505-01-12 - Decanter
    Westfalia CA 505-01-12 - Decanter
    in stock
  3. Westfalia CA-505-01-12 - Decanter
    Westfalia CA-505-01-12 - Decanter
    in stock
  4. Westfalia CA-365-03-00 - Decanter
    Westfalia CA-365-03-00 - Decanter
    in stock
  5. Westfalia CA 365-010 - Decanter
    Westfalia CA 365-010 - Decanter
    in stock
  6. Westfalia CA 226-110 - Decanter
    Westfalia CA 226-110 - Decanter
    in stock
  7. Westfalia SAK-20036 - Separator
    Westfalia SAK-20036 - Separator
    in stock

7 Items

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What are centrifuges?

Centrifuges are process equipment that create a separation process in which a centrifugal force ensures sedimentation of the particles. You can spin with a liquid / solid mixture or liquid / liquid mixture.

What are our used centrifuges suitable for?

Our used centrifuges are extremely suitable for your production or development in the (fine) chemical, agro-industry or suitable for your additions or production for the food industry.

What type of centrifuges do we supply?

Foeth has an extensive stock of used centrifuges. The available stock of centrifuges consists of: • Drum centrifuges • Scraping centrifuges • Slider centrifuges • Separators • Decanters At Foeth you will find fully reconditioned used centrifuges from A-brands like Heinkel, Ellerwerck, Krauss, Maffei and more. Our online listings are in stock and immediately available for worldwide export.