Fryma Koruma

Our stock of machines from FrymaKoruma AG is always substantial. Our customers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries often ask for FrymaKoruma equipment. This is because they are known as a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced and innovative processing equipment for liquid and semi-solid products, and these process machines often provide ideal solutions for a wide variety of processing needs.

  1. Fryma Koruma MZ 100 - Colloid mill
    in stock, NL

Which FrymaKoruma machines can you find in our stock?

At Foeth you will mainly find Heat exchangers, homogenizers and colloid mills from this manufacturer. We constantly receive new FrymaKoruma machines in stock, some of which are not yet online. That is why we advise you to contact one of our advisers or agents if you cannot find the FrymaKoruma equipment you are looking for. Thanks to our vast network of business relations from all over the world, we can take that step further and find you the equipment you need