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Dinnissen machines and equipment are the go-to technologies for mixing and grinding powders, granules and particles. The company has extensive experience in producing the best process technology to improve production in various industries. You can find the best equipment whether you need food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture production solutions. The brand provides customised and innovative solutions to automate your industrial processes. Dinnissen provides equipment to optimise your entire process of feeding, weighing, mixing, milling and grinding. You can find new and used Dinnissen products from Foeth regardless of the equipment you need. The machines are tested for efficiency, and they provide optimal performance. You also save some cash by buying second-hand equipment instead of new ones.

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  1. Dinnissen - Paddle mixer
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  2. Dinnissen - Metering screw
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  3. Dinnissen - Ribbon blender
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What are the benefits of the Dinnissen process technology?

Dinnissen is a value innovator and focuses on finding solutions for every industrial process or project. The tailor-made options for machine components have made the brand a process technology leader. As a global player in food, pet food and chemical process technology, Dinnissen provides solutions for various industrial processes. The brand’s expertise in process technology make it an industry leader in providing equipment for handling powders and bulk solids. For instance, the Dinnissen Pegasus mixer is efficient and ensures mixing is carried out quickly and effectively. The double-shaft mixing mechanism allows for the most challenging mixing processes since the mixers rotate in opposite directions. Dinnissen ensures its new technologies are tested before releasing them into the market. Hence, you are assured of tried and tested equipment for your production cycle. The customisable options allow you to utilise the machines in different processes. For instance, you can use different screen sizes in grinders for various particle sizes.

What industries rely on Dinnissen process technologies?

Dinnissen provides machines and equipment for diverse industrial applications. Whether in the food or pharmaceutical industry, you can find customised solutions for your processes. For instance, you can use the Dinnissen Pegasus mixer in dairy production. The mixer ensures baby food and milk powders mix well and have the desired particle sizes. The feeding valves and other process technologies also simplify the production process and increase the volume of products. The process technology helps optimise the production process in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Besides, the machines ensure high levels of hygiene and product purity are maintained during grinding and mixing. The equipment is also made from stainless steel to minimise contamination during production. The progressive innovations of process technologies also make them useful in chemical and mineral industries.

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