De Dietrich

At Foeth you can always find a large inventory of De Dietrich process machines for a wide range of processes. This brand is well known as a leading global provider of Process Equipment, Engineered Systems and Process Solutions for the fine chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Many producers around the world consider themselves as a satisfied user of this quality process equipment. Even a used de Dietrich machine has an extensive lifespan and lends itself to be easily implemented in a production line.Read more about De Dietrich

  1. De Dietrich - Vertical tank
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  2. De Dietrich - Pressure vessel
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De Dietrich Process Machines

De Dietrich SAS originated in 1684, making it one of the oldest brands in the process industry. As mentioned before De Dietrich supplies solutions for the (fine) chemical industry, for the pharmaceutical industry and for the processing of minerals and metals. De Dietrich supplies these industries with everything from individual process machines to complete process systems.

What kind of De Dietrich process system do you need?

The De Dietrich machines are widely used for mixing, (vacuum) drying, heating and filtration and reactions. For example, a De Dietrich enamelled or glass-lined reactor is the heart of many chemical processes. Foeth always has a wide range of De Dietrich reactors in stock to choose from. But not only reactors are featured in our stock. Can’t find the item with the right specifications the meets your need? Contact our salesmen and we are happy to assist you with your search!

Why buy used De Dietrich process equipment?

Foeth always delivers fully tested used De Dietrich process machinery. From Reactors to tanks and dryers they all will be tested mechanically in our workshop before it is shipped or transported to you. We encourage you to read more about all the services we offer and request a quote on the De Dietrich equipment that fits the bill.