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Coperion is an industry leader in developing innovative process equipment. You can find a range of Coperion equipment used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The items are used in various industrial applications like fermentation, filtering and crushing. Discover your desired process equipment from Coperion at Foeth. We stock a range of filters, rotary valves and controllers from the renowned brand. If you want to invest in new or used equipment, you are guaranteed high-quality and functionality. The equipment is mechanically tested to suit your industrial applications. You can find further information on the product features from our experts.

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What are the uses of Coperion extruders?

Does your industrial process involve the production of unique shapes? Then, you require a Coperion extruder to convert raw materials into various shapes. The extruder creates enough pressure to force raw materials through orifices and create a finished product. The equipment can generate diverse shapes of constant thickness and cross-section. Whether your company produces hollow or solid sections, the extruder ensures the production meets your desired standards. Coperion produces versatile extruders suitable for different industrial processes. For instance, plastics are extruded to create cladding sheets, food packaging film and insulation. In food manufacturing, extruders are useful in producing cereals, pasta and cookies. Pet food and treats are also produced using extruders. The pharmaceutical industry has several extruder applications, including creating drug carriers.

What are the different types of products from Coperion GmbH?

Coperion is a renowned company that creates a range of equipment for industrial applications. The extruders and material handling equipment have a variety of applications in the chemical, food, plastic and pharmaceutical industries. You can find products for various stages of manufacturing. For instance, feeders used to handle ingredients and materials are available for the food and pharmaceutical industries. You can rely on a screw or vibratory feeders for applications in processes that require hygienic conditions. Coperion rotary valves control bulk material flow in manufacturing equipment. When materials are supplied to the equipment, the valve regulates the flow to minimise pressure loss. The valve is also useful in regulating the flow of dry or sticky raw materials through the equipment.

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