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Do you produce biscuits or confectionery? Baker Perkins ensures you have the best equipment to achieve your objectives. Many leading global brands rely on Baker Perkins’ technology for food processing, especially snacks, confectionery and biscuits. Baker Perkins manufactures a comprehensive collection of screw extruders used in industrial production. You will find used and refurbished products from the brand at Foeth. We are a reliable and trusted partner for anyone looking for manufacturing or production equipment. While our products are used, we guarantee high performance and efficiency since we mechanically test the equipment. We can find you a worthwhile investment to improve your production and revenue even on a tight budget.

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  1. Baker Perkins - Z-blade mixer
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What types of Baker Perkins equipment are available at Foeth?

Baker Perkins is a renowned brand worldwide, dating to the 19th century and originating from England. It started as a manufacturing company for bakery equipment before expanding to various machinery. You can find the double screw extruder and Z-blade mixer from the world-famous brand. The double screw extruder provides excellent mixing and is useful in processing powder blends. Unlike single screw extruders, you enjoy better pumping efficiency since it doesn’t rely on the flow properties. You can also mix high-moisture and sticky materials without struggling. Besides, the self-wiping technique minimises the chances of residue buildup. The screw extruder can handle multiple processes, such as melting, mixing, cooling and venting. The Z-blade mixer is also a processing mixer for ensuring uniform mixing of semi-solid materials. The mixer is ideal for tough products and is mainly used in producing bubble gum and chewing gum. You can also explore various Baker Perkins ovens for industrial processes.

Why you should buy used Baker Perkins Ltd products

When starting your production company or expanding, buying used equipment isn’t usually the first thought. However, used equipment from Baker Perkins can be a great way to expand your capacity without spending a fortune on new equipment. Whether you are looking for mixers for your bakery and confectionery or hunting for Baker Perkins ovens, you will find high-quality products at Foeth. Any equipment from the renowned supplier is efficient, high-functioning and suitable for industrial processes. When you buy used equipment from Foeth, you are assured that they will meet your production standards. Since the products are mechanically tested, they are in perfect working condition. You don’t have to worry about the life span since the products can still stand the test of time.

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