In all its activities, Foeth bears in mind the possible effects on the climate. So, understandably, we also make sure that we clean our machines as sustainably as possible. And our new cleaning station certainly helps us to do so.

There's no way to get around it: freshening up machines involves lots of water, chemicals, and energy. Our cleaning station is a key factor in the intake process of every new arrival. Because here, the machine starts its makeover, looking revitalised and brand new for its second life.


Foeth always tries to keep up with the latest innovations to clean its process machines as consciously and efficiently as possible. At the same time, our company is getting bigger and bigger, with more machines in need of a wash arriving at our premises. Therefore, in 2022, we purchased a new, state-of-the-art cleaning station from HMVT, an innovative environmental engineering company specialised in sustainable cleaning solutions. It's more sustainable and allows us to handle more machines.

Benefits of the new cleaning station

  • It has doubled our cleaning capacity, increasing our processing speed of new machines: we can take more machines in and supply our clients with equipment more quickly.

  • It helps us with our wish to do business focusing on corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Our cleaning station in 5 steps

Step 1

The machine enters one of the two frostproof cabines, which have a total surface of as much as 16x7 metres (112m2).

Step 2

Two steam cleaners and four different nozzles perform a multitude of cleaning actions under high pressure, with water and compressed air.

Step 3

Powerful liquid cleaner Brite Stalume 27, which is also used in the food/feed industry, cleans and brightens the machines in seconds, removing oxides, dirt, and smoke deposits.

Step 4

Carbon filtration is performed using the Yamit F600. This is a self-cleaning carbon filter employed to battle heavy pollution caused by organic materials and algae. Yamit is a renowned manufacturer of filter solutions, which are, for instance, also used by the Dutch water authorities to filtrate our drinking water.

Step 5

Now, it's time for ultraviolet disinfection. This is vital to make sure that active substances, which could be present in farmaceutical equipment, are completely neutralised. The energy-efficient UV filter in our cleaning station has been manufactured by Van Remmen UV Technology, Europe's main supplier of sustainable UV disinfection systems. This final step of our cleaning procedure ensures that our wastewater disposal is completely filtered and clean, which is of course periodically checked by Normec.