One of our biggest in-house logistics projects yet!

The Foeth Logistics Team prepares 8 sludge dryer installations for transport

When visiting our premises you wouldn't have been able to miss them: eight large sludge dryer installations, mounted in bright blue containers. Located almost dead-center among our stock, they could almost be considered a landmark on our 35,000+ m² premises.

Foeth's Logistics team was able to prepare the 8 sludge dryer installations for transport. With big help from our transport partner G.L. de Haan B.V. using a variety of different cranes, they managed to load all dryer systems over the course of two days. The dryers are now on their way to Eastern Europe. Have a look at the video below to see the Foeth logistics team at work!

We are not sad to see them go, however, because we know they will now be able to live a second life by being part of an active production process again. In addition, their departure frees up a significant amount of space to store new incoming items! Our intake of high quality pre-owned machines is ever-growing, so it's certainly some much needed breathing room!

Are you looking to benefit from pre-owned equipment? We are more than happy to find a solution for your processing needs. As evident, no challenge is too big for us! Contact Michel, who arranged the sale, loading and shipping of the sludge dryers. No doubt he will be able to help you find what you're looking for and get it to you, no matter the logistics.

Michel Terlouw

Michel Terlouw

Sales Manager