Plastic recyclers worldwide often grind plastics down into granules for recycling purposes. While the plastic granules are waiting to be transported, it is possible that the granules melt into a liquid substance, especially during hot weather like last week in the Netherlands. How can recyclers eliminate the risk of the plastic granules heating up? Use our pre-owned multifunctional dryers from well-known quality manufacturers such as GMF, Köllemann, Engelsmann and GEA - as coolers to solve the problem!

With temperatures increasing during the summer season, the problem of heating the granules deteriorates over time. Our customers have approached Foeth for inspiration on how to solve this problem. The extensive stock of dryers and other quality pre-owned process equipment at Foeth’s in Barneveld certainly stimulates the development of innovative ideas. Foeth’s commercial support experts and our customers together realised that some of our screw and paddle dryers could also function well as coolers for plastic granules. These machines were originally designed by the original equipment manufacturers to dry and heat products whilst controlling pressure and being explosion safe (ATEX directives).

Meanwhile, the pre-owned systems have been implemented as coolers and the problem has been solved on location. 

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