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When you work in the production and manufacturing industries, you rely on various pieces of industrial equipment. You also need mixers and blenders to create homogenous mixtures or dryers to remove moisture from raw materials and products before packaging. When you close a production line, the industrial equipment will likely take up space on your production floor. When you have surplus process equipment, you can sell it to Foeth for quick cash as you free your space for productive activities. At Foeth, we have a straightforward machine procurement procedure to help you get rid of used industrial equipment. Our team will help you with purchasing, selling and auctioning. We will also take care of the project dismantling.

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What is the equipment procurement process?

When you plan to sell used industrial equipment, you need a reliable reseller who will simplify the equipment procurement process. Foeth provides multiple options for selling your industrial equipment. You can sell through consignment or auction. However, the fastest way to move your equipment is to sell it directly to us for quick cash. Our machine procurement process is simple and quick, which means you will get your money faster. When selling single-piece equipment, contact our team and provide pictures and the main specifications. If you are replacing a product line and selling surplus equipment, our project experts will make a financial offer after the project assessment. After reaching an agreement, our procurement team will offer professional and safe dismantling of the production line or plant. We also take care of the shipping and clean the site to prepare it for your next project. Our team can offer advice if you want to trade in used equipment for other industrial machinery.

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Our promises to you:

  • Quick offer from our experts

  • Other selling options possible: listing, consignment, trade in.

  • Cash payment upfront: 100% advance payment prior to collection

  • Quick logistics: we arrange fast and reliable collection and shipping

  • Professional dismantling: professional dismantling by our certified experts

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