Totale CO2-besparing door Foeth dit jaar en sinds 2015

Every pre owned machine from Foeth, successfully deployed at our customers, is avoiding emissions from the production of a NEW machine. On average every pre owned machine at Foeth saves 3,2 ton carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


How to save CO2 emissions by buying a pre-owned machine from Foeth?
New process machines are made from raw stainless steel. The production of raw steel consumes a huge amount of energy. Raw steel is made from iron ore in blast furnaces. It can also be made from scrap using electric arc furnaces. Both processes need enormous amounts of energy resulting in large amounts of CO2 and CH4 emissions. In addition, the steel casting process into individual machine components is also a very energy intensive process. Finally, the formation of machine parts from steel sheets is less energy intensive, but also adds CO2 emissions.

Overall, the emissions from the NEW machine manufacturing process are significant. When you buy a pre-owned machine from Foeth instead of a new one, you avoid all these emissions.

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* Definitie van CO2e = kooldioxide-equivalent: de eenheid die wordt gebruikt om het "opwarmingseffect" van een specifieke batch gas weer te geven.
save CO2 emissions when buying used Wanneer u een machine van Foeth koopt, bespaart u gemiddeld 3,2 ton CO2e uitstoot.

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