Paddle dryer "Porcupine Processor" (1x), Make The Bethlehem Corporation, USA, Type 1P-3018-JTC, No 35-2440, New 2000, Continuous, Material stainless steel 304 L (trough) & 316L (rotor), Capacity 437,0 Ltr, Heating surface trough 8,7 M2, Trough sizes /Rotor dia. 762x5486mm, Working pressure ATM, Outlet valve is missing, With jacket (2x 71 Ltr), Working pressure 10,2 bar, Test pressure 14,4 bar, Shaft can be heated (heating surface = 23 M2), Working pressure 10,2 bar, Test pressure 14,4, Max. temperature 185 Degr. C., Motor 30,0 KW, 220-240/380-415 Volt, Floorspace dryer without drive unit 7,7x1,3 M, Total height 1,7 M, Extra Specifications Type 1 (= 1 shaft) P (= Porcupine)- 30 (diameter rotor in Inches) 18 (= length rotor in Feet) - J (= Jacketed) T (= Trough) C (= continuous) -- RECONDITIONED --
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    Stainless steel