Used V-mixers in stock

If you are looking for a working and V blender , a review of our inventory could be of great help to you. These machines are used for mixing delicate solids, especially powders and granules. We regularly have V-blender machines from well-known European brands in stock. Each one is checked by our teams of technical experts before publication for sale, then again they undergo a mechanical test before shipment. All deliveries are possible, including international.

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What is a V type mixer?

It is a type of mixer designed for mixing solid materials like powders, granules or ground parts. A V- shaped mixer is made by assembling two cylindrical tubes at one of their ends, forming an approximately right or slightly sharper angle. The resulting mixing space has the shape of a V. The mixer is mounted on a rotating horizontal axis, about halfway up, in the same plane as the V. The axis is interrupted and does not enter the mixing space. The free ends of the tubes (the two high points of the V) serve to feed the material to be mixed and are closable. The mixed product is collected at the junction of the two tubes, at the low point of the V, which can also be closed off.

In operation, the V-mixer is not completely filled, so as to allow a flow of the treated products. With the continuous rotary motion around the axis, the mixture is alternately separated towards the ends of the tubes, then gathered towards their junction point. These alternating movements allow a gradual and efficient mixing. The rotation is generally done at a moderate pace. The duration of a mixture usually varies between 3 and 15 minutes. The equipment is emptied between each cycle. Due to their simple structure, these devices are easy to clean.

Main applications of V shape mixers

Our second hand v shape powder mixers are commended for their effectiveness and quality. They do not alter the properties of the handled materials, in particular in terms of size and shape. They are mainly used for mixtures between solids: powders, granules, ground materials, etc. They are also used for certain mixtures between solids and liquids, with a small proportion of liquid which does not generally exceed 10%, for example for humidification and granulation of powder, or for coating (coating ) of solid particles. Here are some examples of the use of these machines:
  • food industry: soluble coffee, cocoa, broths, powdered milk, soups, instant preparations;
  • chemical industry: fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, phytosanitary products, phosphates, pigments;
  • pharmacy: vitamins and food additives, soluble drugs, etc.
We have V powder mixers of variable capacity and motor power, for all types of applications in our stock. Next to that, we are always at your disposal to help you identify a machine adapted to your needs, make a quote, or to search for already identified equipment that we do not have in our stocks at the moment.

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