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At Foeth you will always find a large inventory of Vacuum Drying Equipment for the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical processes. The large choice gives you the opportunity to easily identify a suitable rotary vacuum paddle dryer for sale and find the perfectly matching RVPD for your production line

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More info on the rotary vacuum paddle dryer working principle

These cylindrical vessels are specially designed to handle temperature-sensitive materials, such as slurries or wet cake. While rotating with the paddles a vigorous evaporation of moisture takes place under a vacuum and heated environment. The heating medium usually are a jacket, the hollow paddles & shaft. They are heated by steam/hot water and this ensures a efficient heat transfer from the wet feed to dry state (powder). This all results in a faster recovery of maximum solvents and at the end of the process dry product is discharged via the discharge valve.

Benefits of a rvpd dryer from Foeth

There are many benefits of using a RVPD, such as:

  • Very high solvent recovery
  • High efficiency in thermal heat transfer
  • Cost reduction through low energy consumption
  • Possibility to process highly toxic materials
But that is not all. When you will buy a used RVPD at Foeth it will be cost efficient and an environmental friendly choice. You will directly reduce Co2 and have the machine at your disposal within a short period of time. This will ensure a fast uptime of your processing!

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