Used grinders

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What are grinders?

Used grinding mills are used for the economic crushing of solid material. The particle demolition process may be consisting of the following processes:

  • Breaking by crushing, smashing or impacting particles
  • Cutting
  • Milling (by shear forces)
  • Combination of the above mentioned

What type of grinders do we offer?

Well maintained, used grinding mills are available at Foeth in different designs which take into consideration:

  • The kind of raw material
  • The lump or particle size of the raw material
  • The desired particle size of the milled material
  • The desired particle size distribution of the milled material
  • The maximum allowed temperature of the milled material
  • Dry milling or wet milling
At Foeth we have many types of used grinding mills available; Hammer mills, Cutting mills / Knife mills / Shredder, Impact mills, Rod mills, Ball mills, Bead mills, Colloid mills, Jet mills and more.