Process equipment we are looking to purchase

Foeth is looking to purchase the process machinery that is listed on this page. If you have equipment that fits any of the criteria listed below, please submit a sell your equipment form and one of our purchasers will contact you within one working day to make an offer.

Looking to buy process machines

Mills & Mixers

Classifier mills all types Sell us your mill
Conical mixers HV, SS, between 10 - 25 m³ Sell us your mixer
ACM or ICM grinding system Size 30-40 Sell us your grinder
Jet Mills 500 AFG Sell us your mill


Conical vacuum dryers for drying of 3.000 or 5.00 ltr. Sell us your dryer
Fluid bed dryer continuous surface from 1m2 and up Sell us your dryer
Roll dryers all types Sell us your dryer
Drum dryers for small sized production Sell us your dryer
Spray dryers for approx. 30 kg/h Sell us your dryer


Autoclaves capacity up to 1 m3 Sell us your autoclave
Tricanter 5 - 10 m³/h Sell us your tricanter
Dissolver ATEX design, approx. 1,1 kW Sell us your dissolver
Reactors all materials, between 15m³ and 25m³ Sell us your reactor
Single screw extruders min 80 kW drive, with cooling Sell us your extruder