Foeth is offering premium quality used industrial reactors. Our reactors are fully tested and ready to be deployed. Every item on our website is on stock and we export worldwide. Read more

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  1. De Dietrich AE-1000 - Reactor
    De Dietrich AE-1000 - Reactor
    in stock
  2. Pfaudler-werke T800 - Reactor
    Pfaudler-werke T800 - Reactor
    in stock
  3. Thaletec BE 8000 - Reactor
    Thaletec BE 8000 - Reactor
    in stock

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What are reactors?

Our used reactors are process machines. They are used in many industries to inexpensively carry out chemical reactions (chemical reactors) or bio-chemical reactions (bioreactors, fermenters in biotechnology) under defined conditions. Good used reactors are often used in product development on a pilot scale and in production.

What kind of reactors do we supply?

Foeth has many quality used reactors for a variety of uses in stock. Our used reactors are made of different materials (used stainless steel reactors, used enamelled reactors, used plastic coated reactors with PTFE (Teflon) or ECTFE (Halar), ...). All our used reactors are completely tested by our professional staff. Every item you see on our website is in stock and ready to use. Find the right reactor for your production process and request a quotation online.