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If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly method of dealing with waste, dewatering presses are the perfect solution. You can use them to remove liquid from a solid-liquid mixture. The major challenge in wastewater treatment is the formation of sludge before water is recycled. Using dewatering eliminates water from the sludge, leaving a dry cake. It minimises the chances of contamination during transportation and promotes water recycling. If you are searching for a dewatering screw press, Foeth gives you a range of models from renowned brands. You can order high-quality used and new presses that suit your industrial application and budget. The used presses are mechanically tested to ensure that they are functional.

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  1. Ponndorf Kassel 402-S - Dewatering press reconditioned
    Inlet diameter (mm): 240
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL

How do screw presses for dewatering work?

When separating liquids from solids, dewatering presses are invaluable. The slow-moving devices remove moisture from the mixture using continuous gravitational drainage. They work in place of centrifuges and filters and are quite effective for materials that are difficult to press, like sludge. The dewatering presses for sale squeeze materials against a screen, allowing the liquids to pass through and be collected for use. Before dewatering, you have to condition the solid-liquid mixture using organic chemicals like flocculants and coagulants. Some industries use mineral chemicals like lime or iron salts to prepare the sludge before thickening it using a centrifuge, gravity belt or screw drum. Thickening removes some water from the sludge and allows the concentrate to retain most of its solids. When the screw press is in operation, it slowly eliminates water from the sludge, and a filtrate is collected for further treatment. The dewatering process continues until the mixture produces a dry sludge cake discharged from the screw press for disposal.

What is the application of the dewatering presses for sale?

The dewatering screw press is crucial in separating liquids from solids in various industries. The use of gravitational force and screening makes it easy to separate liquids from materials that pack together and are difficult to dewater. For instance, recycling and treating wastewater is crucial with the increased importance of environmental sustainability. Using dewatering presses to treat sludge optimises the use of landfills and waste systems since it minimises the number of solids that require disposal. Transporting dry waste is also cost-effective compared to moving sludge. In food processing, screw presses for dewatering are useful in extracting alcohol or removing water in waste food before turning it into animal feeds. Pulp and paper industries also rely on dewatering to remove liquids from cellulose fibre.

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