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Here at Foeth, you can find high quality pre-owned roll coaters for use in the plastic processing industry. All our pre-owned machines are fully tested and reconditioned to ensure top performance. Roll coaters play a crucial role in applying coatings onto plastic films or sheets to enhance their properties, add functionality, or improve their appearance. The coatings can include adhesives, protective films, barrier coatings, release agents, or decorative finishes. Read more about roll coaters

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How do roll coaters work?

The process of roll coating in plastic processing typically involves a series of rollers, where the plastic film or sheet passes through. The industrial roll coaters are designed to evenly distribute the coating material onto the plastic surface, ensuring a consistent layer thickness. The coating material is typically supplied from a reservoir or a coating station, and the rollers apply it as the plastic substrate moves through the machine.

Roll coaters for plastic often incorporate additional features and technologies to optimize the coating process. These may include adjustable coating thickness settings, drying or curing mechanisms, temperature control systems, tension control mechanisms, and precision control systems to ensure accurate coating application. Some roll coaters may also have the capability to apply multiple layers or perform inline processes such as embossing or laminating.

What are the applications of roll coaters?

The applications of roll coaters are diverse. They are used in the production of plastic films for packaging applications, such as food packaging, medical packaging, or consumer product packaging. Roll coaters are also employed in the manufacturing of plastic sheets used in industries like automotive, construction, electronics, and signage, where coatings are applied for protective purposes or to enhance specific properties like scratch resistance, UV resistance, or electrical conductivity.

Roll coaters are critical in achieving high-quality, uniform, and efficient coating processes in the plastic industry. They contribute to the production of plastic films and sheets with improved functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, meeting the diverse needs of various industries.

Do you require a roll coater as part of your plastic processing? Then look no further than the pre-owned equipment from Foeth! Our team of experts is always at the ready to help you find the perfect roll coater, so contact them if you have any questions.

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