This August, Foeth received a Z-blade mixer. This AMK-Aachen-VIU-450 was completely overhauled in our workshop, where our craftsmen did an outstanding job to get this machine up and running. When the machine arrived, the scraps of the used glue-like hot melt substance were still there. How did the craftsmen proceed during the overhauling process? 

The Z-blade mixer was completely filled with a glue-like substance. The previous owner decided to take the machine out of production, without cleaning it first. The hardened substance was impossible to remove by hand. This is why we joined forces with a specialized industrial cleaning company who helped us to get the substance off the Z-blade mixer.

Our craftsmen completely dismantled the Z-blade mixer, so the machine parts could go into a heated oven for several hours in order to remove all the substance. After all the substance was burned to ashes, Foeth's craftsmen were able to clean the parts completely. We sprayed all the parts and then replaced the bearings.

Our craftsman reassembled the Z-blade mixer and we’re now looking for a new owner. Once again the hard work of our craftsman and their diligence has resulted in a perfectly working machine that is ready for production. This mixer is most suitable for highly viscous material and dough-like masses. The AMK Z-blade mixer is used for applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and agro industries, from dry to wet phase mixing. For example: the mixing and kneading of pastes, powder, rubber, and heavy plastic masses. 

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