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Foeth is offering premium quality used industrial paddle mixers. Our paddle mixers are fully tested and ready to be deployed. Every item on our website is on stock and we export worldwide.Read more

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What are paddle mixers?

Paddle mixers are usually used to mix dry powder materials. Paddle mixers consist of a horizontal, cylindrical mixing tank and a horizontal stirrer shaft. Mixing elements of different shapes can be attached to this shaft. Paddle mixers cause a relatively soft mixing because the powder mixture is fluidized by the knives and is not compressed. By wetting the mixed material through spray nozzles, the paddle mixer can also be used as a leaf granulator.

Looking for heated paddle mixers?

Take a look at our paddle dryers.

Buy your used paddle mixers at Foeth

Foeth offers a wide range of used paddle mixers. We offer fully tested used paddle mixers from manufacturers such as Lödige, Draiswerke, Minox and Engelsmann. Used paddle mixers are available as batch and continuous mixers. All machines on this page are directly available from stock.