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  1. Gericke GMS 1200 - Paddle mixer
    Gericke GMS 1200 - Paddle mixer
    in stock
  2. Gericke GCM 800 - Paddle mixer
    Gericke GCM 800 - Paddle mixer
    in stock
  3. Gericke GMS-600 - Paddle mixer
    Gericke GMS-600 - Paddle mixer
    in stock
  4. Gericke GMS-1200 - Paddle mixer
    Gericke GMS-1200 - Paddle mixer
    in stock
  5. Gericke GMS-1200 - Paddle mixer
    Gericke GMS-1200 - Paddle mixer
    in stock

5 Items

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For which industry are our used mixers suitable?

Our used industrial mixers are suitable for many different industries. Sometimes industrial mixers are designed differently for a certain industry. There are different designs for the chemical industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

How are our industrial mixers typically used?

Foeth offers good used mixers that are used as a cost effective way to:

  • Mix solid substances with one another in such a way that the desired mixing quality (mixture homogeneity) is achieved
  • Dissolve soluble solids or liquids in liquids (homogenize) 
  • Disperse insoluble solid or liquid substances in liquids (suspensions, emulsions) 
  • Finely distribute gases in liquids (dispersion for fumigation purposes) 
  • Wet and coat solids with liquids (coating)

Buy your premium quality used mixers from Foeth

With our used industrial mixers you are enabled to quickly procure - whether to have a quick replacement or to build on existing capacity - at a low investment cost.