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  1. Vollrath EWTHV 0.5 - Dissolver
    Vollrath EWTHV 0.5 - Dissolver
    SKU: 222P199
    in stock
  2. Kreuziger Wien - Dissolver
    Kreuziger Wien - Dissolver
    SKU: 253N183
    in stock
  3. Mervielle Philippe - Dissolver
    Mervielle Philippe - Dissolver
    SKU: 253N186
    in stock
  4. Molteni - Dissolver
    Molteni - Dissolver
    SKU: 253N189
    in stock
  5. Vibro-Mac HS15/H - Dissolver
    Vibro-Mac HS15/H - Dissolver
    SKU: 126H658
    in stock
  6. Vollrath VDDY-60 - Dissolver
    Vollrath VDDY-60 - Dissolver
    SKU: 090U655
    in stock
  7. Vollrath VDDY-60 - Dissolver
    Vollrath VDDY-60 - Dissolver
    SKU: 090U654
    in stock
  8. Mitras Kunststo - Dissolver
    Mitras Kunststo - Dissolver
    SKU: 146M525
    in stock
    • 4000+ Machines in stock
    • Readily Available
    • Premium Quality
    • Export Worldwide
  9. Niemann KDV-1000 95 - Dissolver
    Niemann KDV-1000 95 - Dissolver
    SKU: 074A364
    in stock
  10. Drais ZH-1000 EST - Dissolver
    Drais ZH-1000 EST - Dissolver
    SKU: 079N315
    in stock
  11. Niemann KDV 1000 S - Dissolver
    Niemann KDV 1000 S - Dissolver
    SKU: 044M160
    in stock
  12. Drais RSV 14 - Dissolver
    Drais RSV 14 - Dissolver
    SKU: 146M522
    in stock
  13. Grieser VPLD-600 - Dissolver
    Grieser VPLD-600 - Dissolver
    SKU: 039Z160
    in stock
  14. Hubbes HBR-Z-2 DR - Dissolver
    Hubbes HBR-Z-2 DR - Dissolver
    SKU: 082Z323
    in stock
  15. Coatema - Dissolver
    Coatema - Dissolver
    SKU: 070E254
    in stock
  16. Coatema - Dissolver
    Coatema - Dissolver
    SKU: 070E255
    in stock
  17. Drais RN 2-24 - Dissolver
    Drais RN 2-24 - Dissolver
    SKU: 262M262
    in stock
  18. Mastermix - Dissolver
    Mastermix - Dissolver
    SKU: 101B581
    in stock
  19. MTI P-Z9-100/A.D. - Dissolver
    MTI P-Z9-100/A.D. - Dissolver
    SKU: 079Z306
    in stock
  20. Grieser VPLD-60 S - Dissolver
    Grieser VPLD-60 S - Dissolver
    SKU: 039Z159
    in stock
  21. Hubbes - Dissolver
    Hubbes - Dissolver
    SKU: 141S644
    in stock
  22. Molteni MESCOLATORE - Dissolver
    Molteni MESCOLATORE - Dissolver
    SKU: 008X018
    in stock
  23. Molteni TM 5 - SV - Dissolver
    Molteni TM 5 - SV - Dissolver
    SKU: 002H003
    in stock
  24. Wma Getzmann DISPERMAT VLE - Dissolver
    Wma Getzmann DISPERMAT VLE - Dissolver
    SKU: 041H139
    in stock
  25. Drais RN 2/30 VAC - Dissolver
    Drais RN 2/30 VAC - Dissolver
    SKU: 098Y766
    in stock
  26. Kreuziger Wien DSH/250 - Dissolver
    Kreuziger Wien DSH/250 - Dissolver
    SKU: 104X548
    in stock
  27. Vollrath VDSV-50 - Dissolver
    Vollrath VDSV-50 - Dissolver
    SKU: 018X282
    in stock
  28. Vollrath VDSVY-50E - Dissolver
    Vollrath VDSVY-50E - Dissolver
    SKU: 041W204
    in stock
  29. Vollrath VDSV-30 - Dissolver
    Vollrath VDSV-30 - Dissolver
    SKU: 041W203
    in stock
  30. Vollrath VDSV-20 - Dissolver
    Vollrath VDSV-20 - Dissolver
    SKU: 041W205
    in stock

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What are dissolvers?

Dissolvers are process equipment that fall under the category of Mixers. Dissolvers are used for the preparation of paints and inks during pre-dispersion. This is done in order to disperse organic or inorganic pigments and excipients in the solvent and binder lump-free.

How do dissolvers work?

The dispersion is carried out by a stirrer. This stirrer consists of a horizontal disc, on the circumference of which tooth-shaped elements are located. Through this, Dissolvers produce large shear forces in viscous liquids. This enables the production of homogeneous dispersions.

Buy your used dissolvers at Foeth

Foeth offers you a wide range of used dissolvers. All from quality brands and tested by our own team of experts. All used dissolvers on our website are in stock and readily available for worldwide export.