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What are conical mixers?

A conical screw mixer, also known under the name "Nauta-mixer", homogeneously mixes powders and granules with high accuracy, low power and minimal product damage.

Are you looking for heated conical mixers?

Please take a look at our conical dryers.

How do conical mixers work?

The mixing screw transports the product upwards and mixes it in the conical boiler. The mixing time ranges from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the volume and any liquids to be mixed. Conical mixers have a flexible capacity up to about 20% of the maximum net fill volume.

Buy your used conical mixers at Foeth

At Foeth you can find widely used used conical mixers. Our second-hand conical mixers are suitable for various industries, including the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. All mixers on this page are in stock.