Bruker D8 Advance "X-ray powder diffractor" "XRD"Miscellaneous

  • General
  • SKU300U909
  • LocationBarneveld
  • MakeBruker AXS
  • TypeD8 advance
  • Mach.No.204651
  • Main Features
  • MaterialStainless steel
  • Specified Features - Miscellaneous
  • Motor230 volt, 6,5 kVA
  • Information
  • Year of construction2009
  • Total height2,35 m
  • CEcheck
  • Floor space1,4x1,20 m
  • Weight550 kg
  • Extra SpecificationsX-ray powder diffractor, (XRD), pair distribution function analysis, (PDF), small and wide Angle X-ray Scattering, (SAXS,WAXS). Tube power 40 kV/40mA, vertical goniometer diameter 435mm, height 150mm, Theta/Theta, sample stage 9 positions, LynxEye detector
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