Pin mills

Reduce bulk material with a used pin mill from Foeth

Foeth always has a large inventory of milling equipment and pin mills are one of the categories of pulverizers that are widely available in our inventory.

  1. Alpine 710-CW - Pin Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 710
    in stock, NL
  2. Alpine 710-CW - Pin Mill
    Inlet diameter (mm): 710
    in stock, NL

How to choose the best used Pin Mill?

Adding a used pin mill to your production line can be a great way to rapidly expand your grinding capacity or keep the pulverizing going when a current machine has broken down. Since Foeth is constantly receiving new stock our pin mill product range is diverse and includes many respected and well-brands like Alpine. But what are the main characteristics you should pay attention to when purchasing a used one? Our advice is to closely pay attention to the current quality in combination with the machine's abilities. A second one is to make sure that the offering party is well-known or well-reviewed by previous customers.

Is a Pin mill machine the best solution for your production line?

To answer this question you need to identify a mill with components and operating features that are customized for your application. Does your bulk needs grinding into particles with medium fineness? Is your product dry or slightly wet? And what about the hardness? Based on your available information our advisors can help you with some examples, of pin mills for sale, that best fit your need.

If needed our advisors can also arrange and schedule a test run with the material you need would like to have processed. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the best possible information regarding the pin mill machine of your choice