Calorifer 32 M2 - Shell and tube heat exchanger

Heat exchanger , Make Calorifer AG (CH), Type 32 M2, No. A13 613/1, Year of construction 1989, Material Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L), Working pressure shell 2 Bar, Vacuum possible shell , Working pressure tubes 6 Bar, Horizontal , Heating surface 32 M2, Tube capacity 220 Ltr, Number of tubes: 164, Tube diameter 25mm, Wall thickness tubes 1.5mm, Max. temperature 200 degr.C., Shell capacity 285 Ltr, Shell diameter 500mm, Shell length 2750mm, Max. temperature 200 degr.C., Shell connections 2x DN50, 2x DN150, Cover connections 2x DN80, Mounted on legs , Floorspace 2,9x0,8 M, Total height 0,9 M, Weight 830 KG
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Location Barneveld
Brand Calorifer
SKU R1204

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