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Foeth is offering premium quality used industrial size reduction mills. Our size reduction mills are fully tested and ready to be deployed. Every item on our website is on stock and we export worldwide. Read more

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  1. Alpine 710-CW - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 710
    in stock
    • 4000+ Machines in stock
    • Readily Available
    • Premium Quality
    • Export Worldwide
  2. Pallmann - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 690
    in stock
  3. Oerlikon F 45 02 - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 110
    in stock
  4. Urschel Usa MG-1700 - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 150
    in stock
  5. Stolz RM-14 - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 675
    in stock
  6. Bauermeister UTL - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 125
    in stock
  7. Netzsch - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 280
    in stock
  8. Condux - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 230
    in stock
  9. Apex 114S2 - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 80
    in stock
  10. Stokes - Size reduction mill
    Diameter (mm): 250
    in stock
  11. Bauermeister UT42 - Size reduction mill reconditioned
    Diameter (mm): 780
    in stock
  12. Hosokawa Alpine CONTRAPLEX A-400 CW - Size reduction mill reconditioned
    Diameter (mm): 400
    in stock
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Items 1-28 of 75

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How do size reduction mills work?

A mill, or impact mill, reduces the particle size at high speed. This is done by causing a mechanical impact or creating impact of the particles on each other at high speed. The different types of size reduction mills are distinguished by the design of their grinding chamber, grinding head and, if present, the classifying rotor.

How are size reduction mills used?

This depends on the type of mill. Pin or hammer mills are widely used in the process industry for desired grain sizes from +/- 10μm to 500μm. This is commonly used in the production or processing of food, minerals, plastics and chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Buy your used size reduction mills at Foeth

At Foeth you will find an extensive range of used size reduction mills. All machines that you see on this page are in stock. Worldwide export is possible.