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What are extruders?

Extruders are process equipment that consist of a housing (extruder barrel) in which one, two or more parallel extruder screws rotate. These mix the material to be processed in different zones, compact, possibly melt and finally form. In most cases the material is pressed through a perforated die so that strands of material are produced, which are cut into needs-based lengths. In extruders, high pressures (> 1,000 bar) and quite high temperatures can be achieved, which is why many extruders can be cooled / tempered.

Which types of used extruders are there?

There are many different types of used extruders. Some of the more common ones are screw extruder, Twin-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder (co-rotating or counter-rotating) and Multi-screw extruder (in the same direction or in opposite directions).

In what type of industries are extruders used?

Our used extruders are used in several industries. We offer fully tested used extruders for the food industry (pasta, peanut flips, ...), feed industry (feed pellets, ...), wood and fiber fuel industry (fuel pellets), rubber and rubber industry (hoses, windscreen wiper blades, ...) and plastics industry (plastic production, masterbatch production, plastics recycling, ...) All the extruders on our website are in stock and directly available.