Lalesse Arnhem UNIVERSEEL - Single screw extruder

  • General
  • SKU054Z210
  • LocationBarneveld
  • MakeLalesse Arnhem B.V.
  • TypeUniverseel
  • No.75-704
  • Year of construction1976
  • Key Features
  • Single screw extruder(1x)
  • Screw diameter47mm, Screw length 600mm
  • L/D12
  • Number of heating zones:2
  • Electric heating
  • AC-motor11,0 KW, 380 Volt
  • With variable speed drive
  • Screw speed┬▒ 20-123 Rpm
  • Feeding with hopper
  • Number of temperature controllers:
  • Information
  • With switchgear
  • Floorspace2,3x1,3 M
  • Total height1,7 M
  • Weight1140 KG
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