Single screw extruders

A variety of models of single screw extruders to choose from at Foeth

A single screw extruder is used to melt ingredients and form them into a long and continuous shape. A screw is the core part of an extruder responsible for kneading the components to achieve uniform melting. Extruders are useful in pet food production and chemical industries that produce products like pellets. In the food industry, extruders are used to produce items such as pasta and peanut flips. If your production process relies on extruders to produce high-quality finished products, Foeth has got you covered. You can find high-quality and high-performing extruders for your industrial purposes. While buying new extruders is great, sometimes you don't have the capital to invest. Our used extruders give you value for money and are mechanically tested.

Discover high-performing single screw extruders at Foeth.

  1. WLS Gabler E-60/10 D - Single screw extruder
    Inlet diameter (mm): 345
    in stock, NL
  2. Heidelberg Kraf ST-350/6D - Single screw extruder
    Inlet diameter (mm): 350
    in stock, NL
  3. Lalesse Arnhem UNIVERSEEL - Single screw extruder
    Inlet diameter (mm): 47
    in stock, NL

What is a single screw extruder machine?

A single screw extruder has three parts: extrusion system, heating and cooling system, and transmission system. It is different from the double screw extruder since it has only one screw. The extrusion system melts and plasticises the polymer materials to ensure uniform melting and achieve a transition to a viscous fluid state. Materials like polymers are fed into the extruder barrel from the hopper for the melting process. The heated barrel melts the polymer and pushes the material through the mould. When the material is moved to the screw rotary, the screw channel exerts pressure and heats the materials. The stationary barrel usually exerts an opposing force on the rotating material, causing them to slide on the surface of the screw to form different shapes. After the extrusion process, the product passes through the cooling zone before moving to the drilling and cutting section to produce the final product.

What are the benefits of the single screw extruder for sale?

Single screw extruders have various applications in the food industry, chemical processing and pet food production. Most companies rely on single screw extruder machines to produce high-quality pasta products and get the desired shape of pellets. Plastic manufacturing also relies on extruders since the materials require high pressure and temperatures to achieve the desired quality. An extruder has an advanced design that makes it efficient and effective. For instance, the large bearing capacity, stable extrusion and double-order integral design make it robust and strengthen its function. A single screw extruder allows for the production of various products, including granular materials, pellets and long items. Its ability to handle a variety of finished products makes it easier to maintain.

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