Double screw extruders

A variety of models: Discover a range of double screw extruders

A double screw extruder has two intermeshing and co-rotating screws to facilitate the extrusion process that creates high-quality structured products. Extruders provide a controlled processing environment for manufacturing structured finished products. Aside from the extrusion, twin screw machines have remarkable mixing capability to ensure the finished products achieve homogenous melting and product components. If you are shopping for extruders, Foeth is your one-stop shop for industrial machines. At Foeth, we have a variety of extruders to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for parallel or conical screw extruders, we have got you covered. Get value for money with the high-quality used extruders available at our shop.

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What are the types of twin screw extruders?

There is a diverse range of double screw extruders made from premium materials. The main differences in the screw extruders are the meshing degree and the rotational direction of the screws. For instance, twin screws can be intermeshing or non-intermeshing. The intermeshing screws have a smaller gap between the two screw axes, while non-intermeshing screws have a wider gap. The smaller gap in the intermeshing area creates a higher shear rate and a good self-cleaning effect, making the twin screws perfect for granulation and mixing. Non-intermeshing twin screws convey materials through friction and viscosity, making them suitable for mixing and chemical reactions. A conical twin screw extruder is suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials due to the lower shear rate and minimal rise in temperature.

What are the advantages of a double screw extruder machine?

Since double screw extruders have two identical screws, they provide numerous benefits due to the additional penetration and efficiency in the mixing and extrusion process. The difference in speed in the twin screw meshing reduces material stagnation, creating a self-cleaning effect. Since the extruder is easy to open, you can check the degree of wear and tear of the threaded elements in the inner liner of the barrels. Frequent checks of the internal components ensure repairs are completed on time to avoid product wastage caused by machine damage. Twin screw extruders have a high speed, high torque and low energy consumption. You are assured of increased productivity due to the high speed, while the high torque makes it suitable for processing high-viscosity and heat-sensitive materials.

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