Foeth is offering premium quality used industrial dryers. Our dryers are fully tested and ready to be deployed. Every item on our website is on stock and we export worldwide. Read more

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    What are dryers?

    Foeth offers fully tested used industrial dryers which are used for the economic:

    1. Drying of moist material until the moisture content is reduced to the required percentage.
    2. Evaporation of a liquid component from liquid material (dispersions, solutions, …) until a solid material with a defined moisture content is gained

    How do our used dryers work?

    For the evaporation of the liquid component heat needs to be introduced into the moist material. The required heat can be introduced by different means:

    1. Contact dryers: The moist material gets in contact with heated surfaces Examples: Drum dryers, Paddle dryers, …
    2. Convection dryers: The moist material gets in contact with sufficiently dry and warm or hot air. Examples: Fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, fluid bed granulators, flash dryers, Rotary kiln dryers,
    3. Radiation dryers: Drying by infrared or microwave radiation Examples: Band dryers with infrared or microwave enhanced drying
    4. Combinations of above Examples: Convection drying cabinets

    Buying premium quality used dryers from Foeth

    The used industrial dryers from Foeth offer the shortest possible delivery time and are a cost-saving alternative to buying new dryers. Browse through our available stock online and request a quote to receive your offer.