Screw dryers

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  1. Engelsmann Vakum Trockner-KSM 2800 - Screw dryer Sold
    Volume (Ltr.): 3900
    Material: Stainless steel

What are screw dryers?

Screw dryers are similar to screw conveyors, with the exception that screw dryers are equipped with a heating jacket and ideally with one or more heated screw conveyors. Screw dryers are a type of continuous contact dryers, which enable mechanically gentle conveying and drying due to the low speed of the screws. The desired residual moisture and final product temperature can be selected by setting the residence time precisely via the speed of the screws. Depending on the design of the screws, not only moist granules and other solids, but also sludges and pastes can be dried. Like most contact dryers, screw dryers can also be used to heat or cool products. Screw dryers can be used simultaneous when installed at an angle on a higher level.

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