Rotating drum dryers

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  1. Freund Vector Twin Drum Dryer Plus - Rotating drum dryer
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  2. Gietart ITVU 15550.7 - Rotating drum dryer
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL

What are rotating drum dryers?

Rotating drum dryers, also known as rotary kilns and rotary kiln dryers, are continuous dryers and consist of a horizontal, rotating tube. This rotating tube is either slightly inclined for the transport of the material to be dried or has internally mounted drivers. Due to the continuous circulation of the material to be dried, a uniform heat treatment or drying is possible. The large inside diameter makes it also possible to be used for 'lumpy' products.

What are rotary kilns?

Rotary kilns are convection dryers and have a burner at the rear end. This burner injects a flame into the tube interior, which together with the resulting hot gas flow results in the direct heating of the dryer. The material to be dried comes into contact with the flue gas / hot gas. This design is particularly suitable for higher temperature applications, e.g. for calcining, sintering, reducing, drying or also in hazardous waste incineration.

What are rotary tube dryers?

Rotary tube dryers are heated via their tube outer wall and are therefore pure contact dryers. The heating can be done via various natural gas burners or a double jacket for heating with water, steam or thermal oil. Rotary tube dryers also enable high temperature processes such as calcining, sintering, reducing, drying and pyrolysis.

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Foeth offers premium used rotating drum dryers. All items are in stock, fully tested and available for worldwide export.