Belt dryers

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Foeth is a reputable supplier of used process equipment that is carefully inspected and refurbished. This way we ensure that the belt dryers in stock are in good working condition and you are making an environmentally conscious choice by giving the belt dryer a second life.

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What are belt dryers?

Belt dryers, also known as conveyor dryers or continuous dryers, are a type of industrial drying system used to dry large quantities of bulk materials or products in a continuous manner. Belt dryers are an important piece of equipment in thermal processing. Bulk materials, like wood chips, RDF, sewage sludge and much more are economically dried with hot air in the belt dryer.

The conveyor belt moves through a series of chambers or zones, where the drying process takes place. Typically, these chambers include heating elements, fans, and exhaust systems. They are commonly used in various industries, including food processing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

What advantages do belt dryers have?

Belt dryers offer several advantages, including high production capacity, continuous operation, uniform drying, and the ability to handle a wide range of materials. They are often used for drying items like grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, pellets, powders, and various other bulk products. The belt dryers from Foeth are from premium quality brands and prior to shipment, we perform a mechanical test. Thus, you are assured of a decent and cost-efficient purchase.

Evaluate your specific needs, and budget, and check all our available belt dryers. You will definitely find a suitable belt dryer for your process!