Dry powder mixer

Variety of brands: an extensive selection of dry powder mixers

Whether your business mixes bulky solids or powders, you can find the perfect dry powder mixers at Foeth. Industries that produce dry products blend different dry ingredients to achieve the desired finished goods. Manually mixing the ingredients is viable in small-scale production, but it lowers the quality of your products and lowers the output. Using dry powder blenders ensures homogeneity and high-quality products. The powder mixers are standard in food processing industries to produce salt, spices and flour. If you are upgrading or replacing your mixers, you will find a selection to choose from here at Foeth. We stock various brands suitable for different industries, and you can get good deals on refurbished and used products.

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How to use a dry powder mixer machine

The production of dry food products, animal feeds or medicine usually relies on separation or mixing. When incorporating a couple of dry ingredients, you need a dry powder mixer to achieve uniform mixing and balance of ingredients. Sometimes, you have to add controlled amounts of liquid to improve the blend. Various industrial dry powder mixers are available, from 3D to V-shaped and rotating cube mixers. Each type of mixer is used to combine specific types of powders. For instance, some mixers allow the use of liquids while others only mix solid components. The operating principle of the mixers is to break down the solid substances to allow mixing with other ingredients. If you use the V-mixer, you feed powders through the inlet feeds, and the high rotations break them down and blend them before they are discharged at the outlets. The mixers operate at low speeds to avoid heating the products.

What are the applications of industrial dry powder mixers?

You can use dry powder mixers in different business sectors and industries to combine dry ingredients and create high-quality products. Dry powder mixer machines help process consumer goods like dairy powders, salt and sugars or coffee mixes and spices in the food industry. They are also useful in manufacturing vitamins and mineral supplements. Plastics manufacturing processes usually involve mixing dry products like masterbatch mixing and blending or pellet mixing. Chemical and biochemical industries also rely on mineral mixing, combining metallic powders or breaking down ingredients into finer or granulated forms. If you want to distribute various minerals and vitamins into small tablets, a powder mixer is perfect. Pharmaceutical companies use it to break down and blend different ingredients into tablets and other medicinal products.

Our professionals will find your perfect dry powder mixer

At Foeth, a team of professionals is happy to support you in your search to find the best matching and qualitative solution. Our inventory contains industrial blenders for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. Many global OEM and subcontracting players from these industries turn to Foeth when rapidly upscaling or downscaling with qualitative process machines is a must.

We will provide information about our currently available machines and upcoming stock and will answer pressing questions like:

  • What is the most appropriate solution for my type of process?
  • Are there quality difference between all available brands, like Drais or Lödige?
  • Will the dry powder mixer that I want guarantee the output of my product?
  • Is this powder mixer cost efficient?
  • And what is the price quote?

While there is a wide variety in Powder Mixing Equipment. Finding a good solution, when you can’t or don’t want to wait for a newly manufactured blender for powder mixing, can be difficult. Let our professional team listen to your needs.

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