Vertical screw conveyors

If you're in need of a vertical screw conveyor, don't miss out on exploring our stock. We offer a range of used machines from reputable brands such as Van Beek, KWS, or Floveyor. These machines are essential in many processing chains for transporting a wide variety of materials to a higher position. All the machines displayed on our website are in stock and available promptly, including for international delivery. Find your vertical screw conveyor at Foeth!

  1. Floveyor "Aero mechanical conveyor" - Vertical screw conveyor
    Inlet diameter (mm): 400
    Length (mm): 7000
    in stock, NL
  2. TMT SF625/2 - Vertical screw conveyor
    Inlet diameter (mm): 220
    Length (mm): 1632
    in stock, NL
  3. Floveyor "Aero mechanical conveyor" - Vertical screw conveyor
    Inlet diameter (mm): 400
    Length (mm): 5000
    in stock, NL
  4. Van Beek KR-150 - Vertical screw conveyor
    Inlet diameter (mm): 150
    Length (mm): 4300
    in stock, NL
  5. - Vertical screw conveyor
    Inlet diameter (mm): 340
    Length (mm): 2900
    in stock, NL

What is a vertical screw conveyor?

A vertical screw conveyor is a helical screw that transfers materials from a lower point to a higher point. The screw is positioned inside a tubular casing, and its rotational movement ensures the upward transport of the conveyed material. These compact and space-saving machines can be integrated into almost any installation. The elevation height of these devices can reach up to approximately 15 meters. This limitation is due to the weight of the material to be lifted and the corresponding motor power.

The feeding of a vertical screw conveyor can be done with a silo, hopper, or transport/dosing device, either integrated or separate from the machine. Many vertical screw conveyors incorporate a horizontal feeding conveyor system because precise dosing of the materials at the conveyor's inlet is crucial for efficient vertical transport. At the outlet, a weighing hopper, silo, or additional transport system can be found.

Types of vertical screw conveyors and applications

The screw of a conveyor can have an internal shaft (sometimes referred to as "solid shaft") or be shaftless. For models with a shaft, top-driven (or pull-driven) mechanisms are generally preferred, as when the drive is located at the bottom, the shaft must be equipped with a seal that needs regular replacement. Shaftless models are preferred for the elevation of sludge and other viscous or sticky materials, which tend to adhere to the shaft of the screw.

Vertical screw conveyors are used in particular to lift

  • powders, granules, and ground products;
  • sludge and viscous materials from centrifuges, compactors, or mixers.

These machines are found in the food industry, the chemical industry, incineration plants, and in many municipal waste and wastewater management facilities. The parameters to be taken into account when choosing a machine include:

  • The type of material to be transported
  • Quantities and flow rates
  • The height of elevation to be covered

For models equipped with an integrated horizontal feeding transport, the horizontal distance to be covered.

At Foeth, you're likely to find the used conveyor that meets your needs. The motor power of our equipment ranges from less than 2 to more than 10 kW, their dimensions vary from 2 to almost 7 m, and their inlet diameter from 150 to 500 mm. We're here to help you with your purchase, and we know the machines we sell inside out. Contact us to find your vertical screw conveyor or request a quote directly online!