Pneumatic air conveying systems

At Foeth you will always find premium quality process equipment such as pneumatic conveyors from Dinnissen, Gericke or other well-known brands. These pneumatic conveyors are ideal for moving small dry objects like powdered substances (via air conveying) and are used in numerous industries. Whether it is a dilute (lean) phase conveyor, Medium phase conveyor or dense phase conveyor, for a second-hand pneumatic conveyor you can always find a perfect match at Foeth that is readily available and mechanically tested prior to shipment! Read more about the use of pneumatic conveyors

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What is a pneumatic conveying system?

Pneumatic conveyors are transporting systems that can move fine, dry material using pressure differentials and airflow. You can have a push system, pull system or a combined system. A pull system uses negative pressure and a push system used positive pressure. The differences between the dilute (lean) phase conveyor, Medium phase conveyor and dense phase conveyor are the way of conveying and the speed of conveying.

  • Dense phase conveyor: 2-10 m/s - material is transported via tubes as a Wavelike slug-flow
  • Medium phase conveyor: 10-20 m / s - material is gradually transported on the bottom half of the tubes.
  • Dilute (Lean) phase conveyor: 15-30 m / s - material is suspended in the airflow

What material can be handled by a pneumatic transporter?

Since pneumatic transporters have fewer parts than other conventional conveying systems, they are great for handling small, dry, low bulk density products such as sugar, flour, coffee and basically all types of powder and other aggregates.

Advantages of used pneumatic conveying equipment

Choosing the right type of pneumatic conveying equipment for handling your goods can be a challenging thing to do even more then you are questioning yourself if it a good choice to buy it new or buy a used one. There are many advantages for both options and that is why Foeth always advise to contact us and explain your situation and needs with regard to pneumatic conveying equipment. it's non-committal, doesn't cost you anything and gives you a ton of insights to help you make decisions. Contact us today and get one step closer to finding a matching pneumatic conveying equipment solution.