Variety of models: Discover various types of granulators at Foeth

If your manufacturing relies on size reduction, you require granulators to process materials into small sizes. Use a granulator machine to break down pharmaceutical materials or waste products. Rotary grinders are used to grind down scraps into feedstock-sized granules for reprocessing. If you need an industrial granulator, contact Foeth for used and new machines. Our team will help you get suitable granulation equipment for your needs. Discover high-quality industrial equipment. We stock mechanically tested equipment, so you can trust our collection of used machines. Place your order today.

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  1. Kahl Press 14-175 - Granulator
    Width (mm): 110
    in stock, NL
  2. Hosokawa Bepex Bextruder BX-200 - Granulator
    Rotor diameter (mm): 200
    in stock, NL
  3. Fuji Paudal EXDFS-100 - Granulator
    in stock, NL
  4. Heesen Boxtel MONOROLL - Granulator
    Width (mm): 40
    in stock, NL
  5. Elanco - Granulator
    Rotor diameter (mm): 60
    in stock, NL

What is a granulator machine?

Granulation equipment reduces the sizes and alters the shapes of items before further processing. You use granulators to break down the items used in the manufacturing process. Most industrial processes require sorting, separation, pelletising and size reduction, and granulators help you reduce the shapes and sizes of materials. A granulator has two types of knives: cutting and stationary knives. Cutting knives are usually mounted on the rotor and have gaps to let materials fall through for size reduction. The motor inside the cutting chamber spins the rotor, which cuts the materials into small sizes. As the products pass through the cutting chambers, they're reduced to smaller sizes until they can fit through the holes in the screen. Since the screen can be changed, it is possible to ensure the materials are granulated to different sizes.

Which used granulator is suitable for you?

Whether you're looking to buy a high-shear granulator for the pharmaceutical industry or granulator equipment for the recycling industry, you can find the ideal machine at Foeth. Granulation is an important process for the commercial production of medicine, and getting the right equipment helps you speed up your process of making drugs and tablets. Our granulators are specially optimised for pharmaceutical applications, with the agitator blade designed for effective operation. You don't have to worry about excessive granule growth because the granulation machine has a chopper. The machine distributes the granulation fluid throughout the product, providing even processing. Aside from choosing a granulation machine based on the industry, keep in mind the speed of the knives. Slower knife speeds allow for the efficient cutting and production of same-size granulates, while high-speed knives are for cutting materials into smaller sizes.

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