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At we offer used compactors and used granulators.

What are compactors?

Compactors are press agglomeration machines that handle dry granulation by compacting fine powders.

Which types of compactors are there?

Roller compactors

With a roller compactor, fine powders are pressed together and compressed between two rolls so strongly that the material sticks together and forms a plate-shaped layer of material. This is ground down to obtain a powder of the desired bulk density and with the desired flow properties.

Grain presses

By using grain presses, fine powders are pressed into defined matrices between two rollers equipped with troughs, resulting in pellets of defined size.

What are granulators?

Granulating plates - also called pelletizing plates - are machines for building agglomeration and consist of a round container with a tilted, rotating plate. The powders to be granulated form a rolling fluidized bed. By rolling and spraying with liquid, the powders are bonded together and compacted. Depending on the product, the slightly moist material can be dried in a subsequent step.

Which types of granulators are available?

  • Granulating plate / pelletizing plate
  • Granulating drums / pelletizing drums

We offer a wide range of used compactors and used granulators. Every item you see on our website is available from stock and can be exported worldwide.