Pusher centrifuges

Variety of brands: an extensive selection of pusher centrifuges at Foeth

Since 1908, Foeth has supplied new or refurbished equipment and tools to various manufacturing industries. Chemical and mineral industries often require separators to eliminate impurities and moisture during production and produce high-quality products. That is where pusher centrifuges come into play to assist in the solid-liquid separation process. For many years, pushers have been used to remove water from crystals to minimise breakage and impurities in mineral production. If your company is looking to replace a pusher, we have a selection of new and used options. The products are mechanically tested, and you can take advantage of the exchange programme to get a new centrifuge. You can choose from various brands and budgets depending on your needs.

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  1. Heine Zentrifug 606 - Pusher centrifuge
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL
  2. Heine Zentrifug 606 - Pusher centrifuge
    Material: Stainless steel
    in stock, NL

What does a pusher centrifuge machine do?

Do your industrial processes require continuous solid-liquid separation or dewatering? Then, Foeth has got you covered with the pusher-type centrifuge. A pusher centrifuge speeds up the dewatering process and uses centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids during purification. The hydraulic system ensures the centrifugal piston has enough power to rotate on the horizontal axis and produce enough force to remove moisture from the wet materials. The materials move to the discharge chamber as they undergo a continuous dewatering process. Centrifugal force improves the purification of bulk chemicals and prevents the breakage of crystalline minerals. That's why the centrifuge is used to process minerals, plastics, and food items. Besides, the pusher washes the dewatered products to remove impurities before the crystals are discharged from the machine.

What benefits does the pusher centrifuge working principle provide?

Pusher centrifuge manufacturers have improved the features and functionality of the centrifuge over the years. Chemical and food processing industries enjoy various benefits from pusher centrifuges like minimised particle breakage. With centrifugal force passing through the slurry, moisture separates from the solid, providing a solidified cake. Even centrifugal force distribution and accelerated rotational speed ensure that the crystals don't break. The minimised particle breakage ensures that valuable minerals aren't lost in the filtrate. With the pre-filtration technology used in pushers, excess moisture is removed in the feed zone to prevent it from splashing around and re-wetting the dry filter cake. After liquid-solid separation, the pusher uses a wash liquid to wash and dry the end product further. This ensures the highest purity yield for chemicals, plastics, and food products.

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