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Whether you want to reduce the sizes of ingredients for further processing or transport, a jaw breaker is the best equipment for the task. It breaks down large materials into smaller particles that are easy to transport. Various industries like mining, food processing, pharmaceuticals, waste and recycling rely on crushers to simplify the process. Having smaller pieces of dry sludge facilitates transport while breaking down minerals makes it easier to differentiate the compositions of the materials. Sometimes, finished goods are also crushed to minimise storage space and packaging materials. Foeth ensures you have a variety of crushers to suit your food processing and chemical manufacturing needs. These high-quality machines can crush materials of different densities and are tested to ensure durability.

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What are the best types of jaw crushers?

In the past, a jaw breaker was a hand-held device that could crush stones and mineral crystals into small pieces. Nowadays, machinery used for crushing can hold materials between two solid surfaces and produce desired sizes of crystals. When the solid surfaces close in and sufficient force is applied to the materials, the molecules fracture and disintegrate into finer particles. Jaw crushers should have stronger molecular compositions to prevent equipment damage or cross-contamination. Crushing equipment varies depending on the materials you want to break down and the industry sector. Some crushers are ideal for medium-density materials, while others are suitable for oversized materials. The common type of crusher is the jaw crusher, often used for disintegrating ores, granite, and small rocks. The device has a fixed and swinging plate to trap and crush materials. The process uses reliable technology that requires minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right jaw crushers

A jaw breaker facilitates the processing of various materials by breaking them into manageable pieces that can mix well with other ingredients. Jaw crusher manufacturers design the devices to accommodate a maximum size of blocks. Hence, the process is repeated multiple times to achieve the desired material size. When choosing a crusher, consider the applications. For instance, if it is for crushing soft and medium-density materials, you should ensure the equipment can generate enough force to crush the materials. Capacity is also a determining factor since it affects productivity levels. Check the processing capacity or throughput in tonnes per hour to know the amount of material you can crush in a day. If you plan to crush large materials, measure the length, width, and thickness that the crusher can hold.

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