Seitz - Werke

Seitz Werke GmbH from Bad Kreuznach (Germany) was a manufacturer of high quality filter machines. The merge with Seitz Enzinger in the 1980s led to the company Noll Maschinenbau AG (SEN). In 1993 SEN merged with H & K and out of this merger, the current KHS GmbH was formed.

They were mainly known for their filters: Seitz Werke produced high-quality filter presses, pressure filters and nutsche filters.

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  1. Seitz - Werke - Filterpress
    in stock, NL
  2. Seitz - Werke B284 - Candle filter
    in stock, NL
  3. Seitz - Werke B284 - Candle filter
    in stock, NL