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Heraeus Hanau is a technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, whose roots go back to the 1660s. The family-owned portfolio company is a leading producer of innovative technologies used in industrial applications. The company is renowned for producing UV technology and infrared heat for analytical and industrial processes. In the past, their specialisation was in manufacturing drying ovens used in industrial settings for evaporation, sterilisation and drying substances. If you are shopping around for used drying ovens, you can find a collection to choose from at Foeth. Our used products are mechanically tested to ensure high efficiency and performance. You can also receive expert guidance on choosing Heraeus products at the site.

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  1. Heraeus Hanau T-6030 - Drying oven
    in stock, NL

What products does Heraeus Group offer?

Heraeus Hanau in Germany has been manufacturing industrial drying ovens for various sectors. Drying ovens are useful equipment for moisture removal. The drying ovens from Heraeus Hanau remove moisture from products using the drier air in the oven. When you switch on the drying oven, the products in the chamber are subjected to defined temperatures and atmospheric pressure. Thermal energy enters the chamber through natural or forced convection, heating the surfaces. The surface heating systems keep the temperature of the interior walls high. With the higher temperature, the air becomes drier, speeding up the moisture removal process. Drying ovens are useful in industrial applications that require the simultaneous heating and drying of the products in the chambers.

What are the benefits of dryers from Heraeus Group?

Heraeus Hanau dryers have multiple applications in industries that rely on moisture removal to produce high-quality products. Heating and drying ovens can be used in the pharmaceutical and food industries to determine the humidity content of products. For instance, they can be used to produce milk powders by balancing the moisture content of milk. In pharmaceutical industries, ovens are also useful for sterilisation, evaporation and temperature testing. Since drying ovens are designed for controlled heat distribution and drying, it is easier to dry heat-sensitive chemicals. You can also use the ovens for incubation or sterilisation of samples.

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