Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a world-famous supplier of process equipment to the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The company is located in Sweden and has become the leading supplier of heat exchangers, centrifuges, and liquid treatment within the process industry. Alfa Laval machines are known for their high-quality and well-designed and thought-out equipment. Read more about Alfa Laval

  1. Alfa Laval AVNX 4030 AT - Decanter
    in stock, NL
  2. Alfa Laval AVX4055 - Decanter
    in stock, NL
  3. Alfa Laval Aldec 504 - Decanter
    in stock, NL
  4. Alfa Laval MZ-170D - Colloid mill
    in stock, NL

Why buy used Alfa Laval Process Equipment

When you are investing in your company buying a used product to scale up your production is not the first thought that crosses your mind. But it is actually can be a well-considered choice. An Alfa Laval heat exchanger, Alfa Laval centrifuge, Alfa Laval decanter, and even the separators and pumps that you can buy at Foeth are in a neat condition and they are directly available. This way you do not have to wait a long time before implementing the product into your production process.

A second benefit of buying a used product is the lower cost and expected lifespan. Our products will be mechanically tested before we ship them to you (worldwide) and so you know that the Alfa Laval products that are coming your way are a solid choice.

What kind of Alfa Laval machinery do we have?

On our website Alfa Laval process equipment can mainly be found under heat exchangers, centrifuges (separators and decanters), and evaporators (evaporation systems). But quite regularly, we do have Alfa Laval grinders and pumps in stock too. All products you see on our website are readily available. Request your quote directly online or contact our team of experts if you have any questions on Alfa Laval Machinery.