Get a premium quality used industrial blower and save on budget and CO2

With over 100 years of experience in the field of used process equipment, we have built an extensive stock of available European-brand industrial blowers, ensuring you can choose high-quality equipment that meets your requirements. Check our current online offers and request a sharp quote directly or get more background information on blowers.

  1. Aerzen GM 3S DN50 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  2. Aerzen GMA 15.12 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  3. Aerzen GM7L - Blower
    in stock, NL
  4. Blower
    in stock, NL
  5. Busch WA3080CO - Blower
    in stock, NL
  6. Kaeser WVC-4000 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  7. Kaeser WVC-4000 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  8. Aerzen GMA 12.4 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  9. Reimelt GMA 12.4 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  10. Ocean K 20 R - Blower
    in stock, NL
  11. Dietrich Reimel GMA 10,0 - Blower
    in stock, NL
  12. Aerzen ROOTS BLOWER GM 7L - Blower
    in stock, NL

What are industrial blowers?

Blowers are used as process equipment for the supply of the required hot air for your drying process or the required pressure for the pneumatic transport of your raw material or product. A significant part of these blowers are also known as rotary lobe blowers. They employ a positive displacement technology to move air or gas in a consistent and controlled manner.

The operating principle of industrial Positive Displacement Blowers is based on a pair of parallel, contra-rotating lobes housed within a casing. These lobes are designed with special profiles that allow them to interlock closely without touching each other.

As the lobes rotate, they create chambers between themselves and the casing. When the lobes rotate, the volume of these chambers increases at the inlet side, drawing in air or gas. Then, the inlet is sealed off, and the lobes move toward the outlet side. As the lobes continue to rotate, the volume of the chambers is reduced, resulting in the compression and discharge of air or gas.

What type of blowers does Foeth supply?

At Foeth you will find second-hand blowers of the type root blowers, performed for low pressures, vacuum, and overpressure, built in a cabinet for noise reduction or standard equipped with a silencer, with an average capacity of up to 25m3 / min.

Why buy a used blower from Foeth?

When selecting a blower, it is essential to consider factors such as air or gas flow requirements, pressure requirements, operating conditions, and energy consumption. If you are in need of assistance when choosing a suitable blower we are happy to assist you where possible. Besides our A to Z assistance purchasing a used blower from Foeth can provide significant cost savings compared to buying new equipment. Get in touch today and find the blower that best suits your specific application and process needs