API plant equipment 2020

In this category on API Plant Equipment you will find a high-quality selection of used API machines. The equipment was used by a major API manufacturer for the production of medicines. All equipment is cleaned on-site by the former owner, based on their specific hygiene standards. All glass-lined reactors are spark tested on-site. Upon request we also perform a pressure test if needed. Read more about this API equipment

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API equipments brands

Common brands in this lot are Buss, Pfaudler, Comber, Mavag, Jaggi Bern, Tycon and Romheld & Moelle. These are all well-known brands and high-end used dryers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, reactors, filters, and more.

Tankfarm from a Major API Manufacturer?

Yes, you are reading it correctly! At the same location we also have a complete tank farm available. Please check this link to view all equipment in this lot. They are tanks of various volumes and at the moment they are still located in Switzerland. This means that most of the process machines can still be seen in the original environment.

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