Our Team

Purchase department

Jochem Venderbosch


Jochem joined Foeth in 2017. As a purchaser, he is responsible for purchases in the UK and supports Western Europe.

Roel Beuting

Senior Purchaser

Roel joined Foeth in 2002. After 15 years in sales of used process equipment, he became Senior Purchaser.

Marc Driessen


Marc joined Foeth in 2021. As a purchaser, he is active in Western Europe with a special focus on France, due to his fluent language skills.

Sales department

Chris van Paassen

Sales Agent

Chris joined Foeth in 2018. Chris has a technical education and is responsible for the sales of used process equipment in France, Northern Europe and Africa.

Marijn Verkuil

Technical Sales Agent

Marijn joined Foeth in 2017. After working in the workshop for a half year he got involved in the sales team. Marijn is responsible for the sales in Belgium and Asia.

Michel TerLouw

Sales Agent

Michel joined Foeth in 2020. Michel is active in, The UK, the Netherlands, Asia and Southern Europe.

Henk Bakker

Technical Sales Agent

Henk joined Foeth in 2021. Henk has a background in chemistry and is active in the sales of used process equipment in Oceania and Asia.

Andrej Pieterson

Director Foeth Projects

With a solid experience in auctioning equipment, Andrej joined Foeth in June 2021 to expand the team.

Rosina Meulenbroek

Sales support

Rosina joined Foeth in 2018 and strengthens the team as Sales support and management assistant.

Diane Egtberts

Sales support

Diane joined Foeth in 2021. She supports the Sales team and handles logistics.

Foeth Germany/Poland/Russia/USA

Maureen Syrnick

Sales Agent @ Foeth USA

Maureen joined Foeth in 2021 and is active in sales of used process equipment for over 20 years. Maureen is active in the Northern American market.

Regina Zarmer

Managing Director @ Foeth Germany

Regina joined Foeth in 2017 and is active in sales of used process equipment for many years. Regina is active in the DACH region in both buying and selling used process equipment.

Jens Boshold

Sales Agent @ Foeth Germany

Jens joined Foeth in 2017 and is active in the sales of used process equipment in both the DACH region and Spanish speaking territories.

Mathias Eichler

Management Assistant @ Foeth Germany

Mathias joined Foeth in 2021. He works in our Berlin office to support our DACH team both in purchasing and selling used processequipment.

Aleksander Compel

Sales Agent @ Foeth Poland

Aleksander joined Foeth in 2018 and is active in the sales of used process equipment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Denis Timofeev

Sales Agent @ Foeth Russia

Denis joined Foeth in 2021 and is active in sales of used process equipment in Russia.

Management Team

Erik Saat


In December 2016, Erik became the director of Foeth. His personal goal is to make Foeth thé one-stop-shop for used process equipment and to do this with a team of enthusiastic Foeth-professionals who can deliver on all of Foeth's promises.

Stefan Modderman


Stefan Modderman joined Foeth in 2018. In his role as CCO he is responsible for overseeing the objectives and implementation of Foeth’s commercial strategies.

Rik Kroesen


Rik joined Foeth in june 2021. His main responsibilities are Finance and Control at Foeth including reporting to shareholders, Supervisory board, bank and other stakeholders.

Other departments


Our workshop is consists of a diverse team of professionals with years of experience in checking, testing, overhauling and refurbishing all types of process equipment.


For all financial questions, we have a specialized team that can serve you quickly and adequately.


Concerning the online and offline representation and promotion of Foeth and its products you can turn to our specialized Marketing Department.


The IT department is our driving force behind our infrastructure and automation. You can submit questions relating to our operational applications to our IT team.

Why choose a Foeth machine?

  • Premium tested machines
  • Used & new machines
  • 100+ years of experience
  • Trade in is possible
  • 2800+ machines in stock
  • Worldwide export